Type of Industry Classification of JEIA

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Type of Industry Name Outline
Insulating Varnish Coil Insulation, Finishing Varnish, Varnish for Magnet Wire
Mica High Voltage Electrical Equipment, Electronic Equipment, Electric Heating Equipment and Fire Proof Cable
Sleeve (Tubing) Wire, Harness, Magnet Wire and Connector
Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tapes for Electrical Insulation Insulating Tapes, Protection Tapes and Binding Tapes
Varnished Cloth

Woven, No-Woven Fabrics, Papers and FilmsImpregnate Tapes, Sheets, Laminations for Electronic Insulation

Powder Insulating Coating Insulation for Motor, Insulation and Fixing for Coil, Coating for Electronic Parts
Molding Compounds for Semiconductor Encapsulation Materials for Package
Film Electric and Electronic Insulation, Cable Insulation, Dielectrics in Capacitors
Cellulosic Insulation for Electrical Purpose Transformer, Insulating Papers for Electric Power Cables, Dielectrics in Capacitors
FRP Fibers, Synthetic Resin, Composite, Insulating Structure Materials
Molded Compound, Parts Organic, Inorganic Materials, Electric and Electronic Equipment
Raw Materials Organic, Inorganic Base Materials for Raw Materials
Material and Compound Evaluation Testers Insulating Treating System, Electric Apparatus
Trading Company Sales and Service of Insulating Materials, Raw Materials and Apparatus